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ISO 9001 is a very popular tool to show the service and product performance of one enterprise. That's why you found so many ads emphasizing that the company was ISO 9001 accredited.

Today, you can do it as well. We help you achieve the MARKETING purpose, as well IMPROVING your company at the same time with lowest cost!

ISO 9001 Quality Management System Consulting Services
Helps you on:
Avoiding staff turnover resulting in knowledge loss;
Clearer role and responsibility; better understanding and communication among departments;
Structurize the operation of your company;
Further development.

HKMC's Approach
HKMC help you develop and implement ISO 9001 Quality Management System by:
Structured and well-organized development and implementation pace, which meets your schedule Understand your unique needs and thus develop customized system for you
Provide training to your staff to achieve knowledge transfer
Complete project within planned time interval
Unlimited customer support and enquiry for all your staff for the system

ISO 10002 Consulting Services
If you have built up a successful quality management system, you may consider implementing ISO 10002 to further enhance your customer satisfaction level.

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